Hotmail email service is one of the best communication way which is free and easy to use. There are so many email services but Hotmail one of them which is more popular and used by most of the users. Here we will discuss about Hotmail password reset which may be helpful for every email users if their account is hacked or they forgot the password. As the name of the problem or task is Hotmail password reset so you can guess or think about the meaning and activities which may be required to do this activity. Hotmail password reset means that you have a password but you need to replace or update with a new password. It can be done by you or also with the help of Hotmail Support Team.

Forgot Hotmail password

Why you need Hotmail password reset?

You may need Hotmail password reset in two cases which are given and discussed below-

  1. When you forgot password
  2. When your account is hacked or Hotmail hacked Account

Sometime user make a difficult password which is not easy to remember so forgot and due to this issue he or she receive the error message of Hotmail login problem. So Hotmail password reset is required to fix this problem.

If the account password is weak, matched with email id, your name or some common name or it saved in the browser of the system then it may be hacked by the expert of the system called hackers. Then develop the virus or some other malicious programs named browser hyjackers. Such type of programs installed in the system and save the data like id, password, personal data to the hackers. They change the password so that the owner of the account can’t use it and they can user their account to do some unethical activities.

Hotmail Password Reset

Manual steps to do Hotmail password reset?

Follow the given manual steps and do as it is guided. If you successfully do it then you can reset the password.

i) Go to the official site of Hotmail

ii) Click on the option “Can’t access your account”

iii) Select the option “I forgot my password”

iv) Click on next And Fill the captcha correctly

v) You will be asked to identify the identity by phone number or alternate email address

vi) Get the verification code on phone or email

vii) Enter the code in the given box

viii) Now you will get the option having two boxes to enter a new password

ix) Confirm the password and click on next

Now you have successfully changed the password or Hotmail password reset has done successfully so enjoy your email service and send or receive emails to your friends and also to your collogue, family members but never share your password to anyone because it may that he/she can misuse your account  and there will no privacy of your data. It may that others can’t use the password as safe as you and it may be the reason of Hotmail account hacked. So always secure your data and make a strong password with numeric, alphabet, symbols etc.

If you are beginner or don’t know more about the setting of Hotmail account then you can get help from Hotmail customer service.


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